Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another crappy movie review by kx59

That's not to say that it was a crappy movie, that is to say that my reviews tend to be crappy.
Caveat numero uno: I really suck at these
Caveat numero dos: I'm usually way behind the curve on movies.
The Movie:   True Grit
The original with teh "Duke", I actually didn't like that much when I saw the original.
The movie, like all of the Duke's movies..were...about the Duke.
 Having Glen Campbell (wife beater, abject drunk) as the Texas Ranger I did not find so inspiring. The rhinestone cowboy was mostly...rhinestone, but of course all that other crap came out later.
Having Matt  Damon as the Texas  Ranger this time was not so much better. His character hardly, and I mean hardly did the Texas Rangers justice.
I rant and digress as usual.
First and foremost Hailee Steinfeld was, IMHO, just absolutely awesome in this remake. She absolutely dominated in her role.  Her character was so much better than the original.
Jeff Bridges played it different than the Duke. I'd heard good things about his portrayal of Rooster, but I was really pleased and impressed.
Watched it on pay per view tonight (I'm cheap..spend my money on my wife and my children)
My two favorite quotes from the movie:
If it's not loaded and cocked it doesn't shoot
If those men want'ed a decent burial they should have gotten themselves kilt in summer


  1. Cool! Nice review! So now just to make it interesting I will spin up RED from the Netflix DVD queue. Should be interesting if I DO post a review tonight. Don Julio Blanco is in play here tonight!

  2. Red? that movie rocks. loved it.

  3. I don't get how that girl got the nomination for best supporting actress. She only rocked in, like, EVERY SCENE. Supporting? Really?


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