Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things that make me go...Hmmm

Eric Holder.
Does that man ever look like he's not lost his last friend and his last dollar?
The Sipsey Street Irregulars post up regarding Patrick Leahy being Holder's punk ass bitch flunky boy, as noted by the Confederate Yankee.
But I'm looking at the pic in the post, and Holder's posture, like so many of his pics in the news, reflect the image of a man that is totally, and I mean totally owned by someone.
Holder is a puppet, like our president do'h!bama.    Someone else is pulling the strings.
The Sipsey Street Irregulars are blowing the lid off the Gunwalker  scandal. If you haven't already picked them up from North's Gun Blog Blacklist, hit the link and go read.

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  1. I get more news from reading the GBBL than from staring at the boob tube.

    I even get more boobs from the GBBL (Thanks Feral Irishman) than I get from the boob tube.

    (Thanks for the shout out!)


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