Monday, September 5, 2011

YOF and/or Hoss Boss.....

I've seen the news and noticed that the two of you could very well be in a wildfire area.  Please check in and let us know that you're okay.  Send me or Kx59 an email.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  Let us know if there's anything that you need.

Other bloggers, please re-post a shout out to them just in case your blog happens to be on an RSS feed via mobile phone or something.

Video from Bastrop:


  1. We're here, but maybe not for long. I'm off tomorrow and horse trailer is hooked up. Some things are put together.
    So much fun,eh matey?
    What the heck, I was getting bored anyway.
    See Ya,
    w/v = funceigh (funzies?-- Not so much)

  2. Arrggg..... I have family and family property out there. Sending prayers that way!!


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