Sunday, September 18, 2011

A bump for two good causes

In order of discovery:
Alan, aka  Snarkybytes is parading around in a skirt kilt for prostate cancer here, and here, and here.
So I thought well, if Alan is willing to display his flat backside in a skirt kilt, I can donate a few bucks in support. So I did.  Take your beer mug full of loose change and donate it. You know you read his blog..every day..don't you, well..don't you?
Gratuitous Cleavage.
Not here you noob.  Although, I am not above doing so to drive up the pageviews.  I suspect you'd be disappointed though, at best I'm an "A" cup.
No, it is the First Lady of Gun Blogs.  The one that can take wood chips, pine nuts and bark and turn it into a gourmet meal. (ok, I made that up..but she posts awesome recipes)
My inner voyeur raised his hand. So I went and looked again...and I donated.
And you should too.  Wounded Warrior
Thanks to Alan, and Brigid....but more to Brigid :-)

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  1. OK, you made me blush. Thank you for your kind words (I use only genuine bark, not the reconstituted kind, that's my secret).

    I told JayG I'd pay good money for a calender of 12 of the male gunbloggers wearing kilts.

    I'm dropping you an email so you have mine. Hope if you get up this way we can all get together.

    Thanks again for your kindness, and your generosity to others in need.


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