Thursday, September 8, 2011

The wind has shifted direction

The smoke from the Magnolia fire, and I suspect the smoke from the Fort Bend County fire are blanketing the Northwest side of Houston all the way inside of loop 610.
Two low quality pics from the cell phone:
Too bad this isn't fog and rain...


  1. Wow.
    Hope things turn around for y'all pretty soon...
    Lots of rain to put out the fires and then some good wind to blow the smoke away.

    Re: the pics...
    Reminds me of China-
    The air in Beijing doesn't need a wildfire to get that post-apocalyptic look...

    It always looks like this.


  2. Yow. I've got a friend out there that says she's got her bug out bag packed and ready to go. This while we have been totally soaked for days and are experiencing flooding right and left.


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