Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tomahawks, Knives and Rocks Oh My!!!

LOL... Topshot's weapons tonight are in the title of this post.......

When they unveiled the rocks, Jake the Snake about crapped his pants............    I LOVE it!

Considering that I'm a dart thrower, this will be fun.


  1. Let the games begin! I am waiting for the DVR to eat commercials before I start!

  2. good lord those guys throw like girls. Belle would kick their asses at rock throwing.
    Ok, technically she's a girl, but an anomaly,
    ...check her hands for darts and rocks....

  3. I forgot softballs..watch out for the softball

  4. Jake showed his colors by not raising his hand for nomination. You could TELL he was slinking down in his chair. Lame - and ( IMO ) a more worthy competitor went home because of it.

    *unashamed that she throws like a girl*


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