Friday, September 16, 2011

First time..........

Last night, when I got done with errands and my torture session at the beauty salon, I lovingly field stripped my pistol and cleaned her up and applied oil in the appropriate spots.  I actually got her put back together okay, tomorrow I will go and make sure that she still fires.. lol.

There's something really comforting in knowing that I can do these things myself without feeling intimidated or really worried that I will get it wrong.  There is also something really empowering that I feel to know that I have truly taken the first step towards my securing my own safety and by extension, securing my own individual freedoms.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have commented the last few days with bits of advice and your guidance ever since I first started shooting again.  I have stumbled into a wonderful blogging community and it's almost as if each of you have been with me as I've tried various pistols and as I've began and continued the next steps of my journey though the world of shooty goodness.


  1. :-) Happy to be here, read, comment, and help.

  2. Glad to know you and throw my limited knowledge your way!

  3. I remember my journey. I was not blogging at the time. I felt somewhat overwhelmed. Dad tried to help me out but our taste in forearms couldn't be more different. He can't hit the brad side of a barn with a .45 but can dot i's with a DAO. I shoot minute of berm with a DAO but do pretty well with a .45.

    It's always fun to be a part of. Even if my two cents may not even be worth that much.


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