Saturday, September 24, 2011

Overheard on the front porch

It's a beautiful evening outside.  Nice breeze, the sun is setting and you can hear good country music playing across the creek.  Hubby and I are talking about how wonderful it is to get down here on the water and relax, we have a nice, long silence as we listen to the music across the way..............

Kx59:    "BWWAAAAAP!"
Belle:    Turns and looks up at him with raised eyebrows
Kx59:    "I must have stepped on a duck."
Belle:     "Yea a big one"
Kx59     "At least I'm downwind...........   I'm polite that way."


  1. I can always count on the most polite, demure and erudite posts from you folks...Oh, Wait, not THIS blog! I was in error. bye! (hehe)

  2. The team has this new game where they will go by someone's work area and (ahem) pass gas on the go, timing it just as they pass, leaving nothing but a noxious vapor trail.

    It's known as a "drive by". Fortunately my office is upwind.

    Yes, working with all men, always has with it, it's own form of entertainment.


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