Sunday, September 18, 2011

Head bobs and eye twitches

Belle headed off earlier today to take the youngest girl child's license plates for the JY Saturn to her.
Scooter, the oldest granddaughter was in tow. They did the lunch thing at the local chain Mongolian cuisine restaurant, and went to see "The Lion King" in 3D.
I had the day to myself.  It was nice. I combed the gravel in the Japanese Garden in the back, lovingly clipped the bonsai, and meditated some. (also known as playing xbox all day long)
What? I've seen Lion King eleventy million times. I have four kids, and a VCR that we don't use anymore.
Before Belle arrived home, I was blogging and marginally watching "Megamind".
This came on in the sound track and my head began bob.

Belle arrived home, and I'm still blogging and this comes on in the sound track.
head bobs:

Megamind ends, and Belle grabs the remote..oh look! Sleepless in Seattle
eye twitch

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