Thursday, September 1, 2011

I made a similar comment to Belle the other day

I find myself in esteemed company.
Aretae has called it.
So, now we shall watch the political kabuki theater unfold.
I rate Perry at only 13% douchebag, so I think I could go there.
I'm in Texas. I have an orifice, a belly button, and an opinion about Perry like every other Texan.
anyone but Obama.
We actually have some decent choices this time.


  1. Y'all might be interested in this:
    I hear there is a special 50th Anniversary sale going on.

  2. Cool YOF, thanks! Do reloading lessons come with the kit? ;-)

    Kx59 likes to picture me sitting on the couch with a portable table, watching my soaps and reloading ammo......... I can picture that myself actually.


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