Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life goes on

Except for the financial part of rearing childrens, we are empty nesters. Just the two of us.  No kitchen slaves on which to foist character building anymore.
Whilst I was reading, Belle sighed and said, "well I guess I need to go do the dishes.
Moments ago she walked upstairs to watch HBO, for which the only reason to subscribe is "True Blood".
Shortly before posting, I made the mistake of walking into the kitchen and had my "Fish Named Wanda" moment. Wait..what was that middle part again?
Hey...I cooked tonight!??!


  1. Enjoy. I operate camp Grandma on occasion. The joys of being a teen Mom is grandkids when you still have some energy. I taught the oldest how to say "Bacon". Daddy came down for breakfast and said "does M want some JUICE". To which she replied, quite forcefully "BACON!'. He was taken aback and said "would M. like some porridge?" Hands slapping on the tray on the high chair "Bacon, Bacon!" My work here is done.

  2. We have two grand tricycle motors ourselves. it is wonderful to get them revved up and hand them back to "mom". heh..payback is a bitch. ;-)

  3. What surprises me is just how fast the grandkids can wear me out, compared to when my daughter was little. I can still work a 14 hour shift, grab 4 hours sleep, and then do it all over again at work the next day.

    Give me 4 or 5 hours of the grandbaby,though, and I'm whooped! I love it, but it wears me out :)


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