Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not in my pocket

the ubiquitous knife meme:

One of several I keep strewn about my environs.  I have a more emotional attachment to this one. It was a gift from a long time friend for no other reason than "just because".
Having lost many pocket knives over the years, I no longer carry in my pocket. I now subscribe to the more is better philosophy and keep several placed strategically along my daily path of travel.
This is my office mail opener, cuticle trimmer and errant nose hair trimmer.
What? (ok, I made the nose hair thing up. I have a small toolkit with needle nose pliers for that)
Eyes watering yet?
You can never have too many pocket knives, in my opinion. Belle and I picked one up while buying ammo just this past weekend. Well..we needed something to cut the plastic off of a better pair of Binoculars we also bought to spot the targets. (I suspect a bonified spotting scope will be on Belle's Christmas list). Now that I think about it, the newest addition needs to dropped in the Bellemobile glovebox.
Eventually, I will be no more than six degrees from a handy pocket knife.
If you want a pocket knife that has a real story behind it, go read this.

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  1. ABOUT TIME!! I was beginning to think that you were not cool.


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