Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonight's Debate

I thought that tonight's debate was a very good one all around.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney won this round hands down.  Romney was strong and actually likable, in fact, his debate tactic tonight was borderline brilliant.  You see, the rules of the debate dictated that if a candidate mentions another candidate's name in their answer, then said mentioned candidate would have the opportunity to respond.  Romney, unless specifically asked, did not mention Rick Perry.  What this did was ensure that Perry had less face time, which considering the condition of Perry tonight  (he was looking very distracted and not quite 'all there') was probably a good thing.

Perry on the other hand, mentioned Mitt Romney in almost every single answer that he gave, which in turn gave Romney more time to speak and Romney defended himself well.  Perry ended up looking like a boob up there and he really needs some serious debate coaching.  Though I will say that his idea of 'mating up' Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain for the perfect running mate was hilarious.

What I liked about this debate was that it wasn't just the Perry-Romney show, but the other candidates had adequate time to speak as well.  Santorum came off wonderfully and of course I like Herman Cain

So, my opinion on the results of the debate are as follows:

1.  Romney
2.  Santorum & Cain
3.  Paul & Gingrich
4.  Bachman & Perry
5.  Huntsman
6.  Johnson

Obviously there are a few 'ties' up there.

What do you all think?



  1. The way I see it, the Republicans are cutting off their own gonads and I'm not sure for what purpose other to perhaps further geld the party?

    I thought I needed a new reading glasses prescription tonight looking at some of the debate. Thank God for our big screen TV. How many bozos were up there? I was running out of fingers and too lazy to take off my boots to finish counting.

    I'm tired of having pussies in the White House. I want someone who will tell the Arabs to stick it up their ass. I want someone who will arm the Israelis to the teeth and tell them, "Test anything and everything we sell you out on whichever Islamic nation you wish. When you run out of bombs, call me and I'll ship you some more." I want someone who will say "Make my day" at the mere mention of an anti-gun bill or tax hike or some other commie plot coming across his desk as he waves his VETO pin with a gleam in his eye.

    I think Rick Perry has the chutzpah to tell China to go run with scissors and to stick a pair of chopsticks up their slanted asses while giving Taiwan MFN. The military will love Perry as he'll have been the first active-duty veteran as POTUS since the George HW Bush.

    And, with Perry at the helm, he can unleash the Guard and military on our borders. He won't have to play footsies with LULAC and other Latino thugs in order to stay in office.

    Romney is an idiot and so is Santorum. I'll never vote for damned Yankee and especially one that's a Masshole from Massachusetts.

    Bachmann is an absolute fruitcake nutcase shrill and if she wants any chance of even keeping her Rep seat in the Gopher State, she better broaden her horizons beyond this damned Gardasil crap.

    Her constant bitching about that tells me she doesn't have anything else left in her arsenal. In the military, we used to call that "Winchester."

    Ron Paul? He'd have better luck playing pickup sticks with his butt-cheeks than getting elected--especially given his views on 9/11 in an election a year after the tenth anniversary. Plus, not too many military people like Paul. Feel like he's a traitor to the armed services. Which, in my opinion, he is.

    I like Herman Cain but only up to a point. I'd go with him as a VP candidate or especially as SecTreas. . . but not as Pres.

    Who are the other people?

    The Republicans shouldn't even be debating until maybe next January/February. Let them start running ads or sending out mailers or gussying up their websites.

    Doesn't matter. I'm a solid ABO voter first and foremost.

    It's going to come down, as it always does, to whoever has the most money to blow on a job that only pays $400K/year.

    I'm feeling especially cynical tonight.


  2. As someone else once said, "The GOP is quite adept at snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory" and seems to be proving that adage daily.

  3. Very good analogies AOA and YOF.

    Do keep in mind that when I report on who 'won' the debates, I'm not talking about who I like or don't like for the job. I am only talking about how well they did.

    Anyway, at this point, I'm still liking Herman Cain the best. I'm not sure that Perry is electable any more.

  4. I'm not sure that Perry is electable any more.

    Oh, I don't know--November 2012 is a long ways off and the American public is decidedly short of memory. If he's going to stumble, I'd rather it be early rather than later.

    Besides, he's our best chance at neutralizing NitWitMitt, who scares me every bit as much as the Obozo we have squatting in office right now.


  5. Can't comment. I didn't watch was getting chirrens ready for school.. Mom gave me her thoughts. She still likes Cain. But she also can't see why I don't like Romney. She bought his they chained Romney care on me crap. She thought Perry came off as an arrogant ass. She also didn't like his response to paying for educating illegals. She's right that one is going to hurt him.

    Unless the New Mexico guy Johnson sprouts wings I think it's Perry or Romney. I definirtly don't want Romney.


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