Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Shot Comments

Well, I was happy to see Jake go to the elimination round; however, I'm not happy that he won it.  Apparently he's a a whiny jackass because he's going to move to the backyard.  What a jerk.

I was happy that the Red Team won today.  They did a fantastic job and I was glad to see Chris back on the show again and the red team winning today meant that money was donated to Chris' favorite charity, the Make a Wish Foundation.

I used to volunteer for Make a Wish many years ago while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  I would go to an Astros game once a month and I would get to watch the game for free but during the 7th inning I would run the throwing cage, where kids and adults would come and pay to throw the ball to see how fast they threw.

When I was about 8 months pregnant some dude asked me how fast a pregnant woman could throw that ball.  My response was, "Pay one dollar and we'll see."  He paid the dollar and I threw it right at 50 mph.  Not too shabby.

I had to stop volunteering once I had my daughter and later, life just got too darn busy.


  1. Husband looked at me last night when Jake was being a whiny b*tch and "I really hope Jake sees this and realizes how bad he sounds."

    But for someone as profoundly asshole-ish as Jake, I sincerely doubt it will have any effect.

  2. Kx said that Jake is this season's George. Who knows, maybe he'll surprise us.

    In the meantime... I hope that he gets taken down soon.........

  3. Jake should have been screened better! This idiot is an immature control freak with entitlement issues,has NO sportsmanship,and could not hold his own in a basket! He was afraid to be beaten so the little whimp ran like a little boy and couldnt face reality. Gives the navy Seals a bad name. This was a game dude! Not a military exercise! JERK!


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