Monday, September 5, 2011

Love's a Word I Never Throw Around

I love this song by Robert Earl Keen Jr.  It's kind of a sad song, but it's really good.

I guess we've come full circle
We're strangers once again
It's hard to know we'd ever come to this
It's funny you were saying how you'd miss
The good ole times
While all alone I'm thinking
You're the one I'll miss
Love's a word I never throw around
So when I say I love you "til the end
I'm talking about "til the day they toss me in the ground
Love's a word I never throw around
I'd like to think you're leaving
Because I've treated you unkind
But maybe you've found somebody new
Hell, I know the only reason you're leaving me behind
Is you're no longer feeling the way I feel for you
So I'm going to the country
To spend some time out in the woods
Countin' stars and sleepin' all alone
I can't say for certain that It'll do me any good
But it's time I grew accustomed to being on my own

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