Thursday, September 1, 2011

The word police

I don't think so.
You may not take away my favorite internet phrase; "Wait. What?"
Those two words encapsulate volumes of description that would be required for:
inattentiveness to current events (although this can be captured with, "huh?")
lack of attentiveness of one's surroundings (Sir, put the smart phone down and back away),
stupidity ( according to Ron White, there is no fix for this)
ignorance (this can be fixed, but it requires participation)
ridiculous factually unfounded statements (ice age coming, worming, no..oh crap, I don't know, I'll protest in front of the White House, litter and get arrested)
unintended consequences (any blog post or news article on the Obama administration will do here)
unexpected results (ditto previous parenthetical comment)

Yes, I know that "Wait, What?" has become trite and cliche but it amuses my inner twentysomething.

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