Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caught a fish dog

Er..I  mean a fish and a dog.
Belle and the youngest daughter headed off to the local store after dinner. Dark outside, so I thought I'd wet a line while they were gone. Plan was to fish off the pier tonight. First shrimp in the water I got a strike. A really pretty Speckled Trout.

Belle and daughter return and we are all casting like an old woman trying to kill a bee with a broomstick trying to catch more like that.  We caught several smaller, but no more keepers.
While fishing, Belle and I hear a rather large splash off to the left, look at each other and both say, "what was that?". Immediately, Belle says, "where's Penny?" (current dog).
Penny swims under the pier towards our voices, I grab the landing net as she's swimming away from the pier and call to her. To Penny's credit, two synapses rubbed together and she turned around, at which point I landed her in the net. No idea how she fell in the water. She was off in the dark on the other side of the boat house. I had a misguided notion that animals paid a lot more attention to where they put their feet years ago. That was until I watched previous dog (blue healer) walk along the bulkhead, misstep and take a header into the creek.  He panicked, which was odd because he used to go for a swim frequently to cool off. Most likely the embarrassment and shame of simply stumbling over the side.  Current dog just shook like a leaf in a hurricane once planted on the dock and disentangled from the net.


  1. Poodles were originally water dogs ...maybe she was trying to reconnect with her roots. I bet she watches where she steps from now on!


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