Saturday, September 17, 2011

A day at the range

After having a nice lunch, Kx and I went to the range today.  We were going to go to the outdoor range close to home but it started raining!   Actual rain!

So we went to the indoor range in Spring and had a nice time, though I cut the session short because the couple in the booth next to us were breaking every rule you can think of when it comes to handling guns safely.

They had a Glock with a laser sight on it and that laser would wave all over the place, including on the wall next to me.  After switching off several times with Kx, I happened to get a look at them and oh my goodness.  Not only were they waving that Glock around all willy-nilly but their fingers were on the boom-switch.  After seeing that, I told hubby that we were leaving.

I suspect one of these days one of those two are going to end up with a bad case of Glock-leg.


  1. Yeah, I understand that! We are a bit more watchful of people at my home range. Glad you got to shoot though!

  2. The hubby was trying to "teach" the wifey, but he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Wifey kept jerking the trigger and not only missing the target, but the entire sheet of paper. The kept talking, and eventually bitching at each other nonstop in what sounded like Italiano to me. The wifey was getting quite frustrated. She was not having a good time. Their little red dot frequently traced across our target. I'm surprised they didn't put a hole through it.
    We should have complained to the range folks. They need a range marshal in there.

  3. These are the sounds of why the best way to teach your wife to shoot is to hire a 3rd party trainer. Or at least a trusted friend who actually knows what they are doing.

    The outdoor range used to be like that from what I have heard but the cleaned it up. Used to be a lot of patrons who like to hold their Glock sideways from recounts of co-workers who used to go there. I will say you guys need to check out Shiloh. I know I'm partial but I have not to date seen anything as such. Plus if they are the lanes are separated by Cinder Blocks. More likely to shoot themselves than get through to you.


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