Monday, October 3, 2011

Amanda Knox Acquitted

This legal appeal in Italy has been all over the web for days now. Today, Amanda Knox, was acquitted of murder.
I have no emotional investment in this whatsoever, but I think it sad that the victim, Meredith Kercher, has been almost completely forgotten by the media. While Ms. Knox's parents are relieved that their daughter will be coming home, Meredith's parents have one of two scenarios to lament. Either their daughter's murderers got of scott free, or are still at large. No closure for the Kerchers after four long years.

update: Not only do the noooz reporters interview one another, but now the local ABC affiliate is displaying comments from their facebook page about this.  Pathetic.

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  1. Having had to suffer life in Italy with spoiled, rich, white American kids who seem to think the continent is their personal playground, I was probably biased against Knox from the beginning. But the facts remain stubborn:
    1) She confessed. I know she claimed that she had done so under duress (again- this is in Italy, not China, and when are confessions not made under some degree of duress?) but the next day she rewrote her account over five pages.

    2) She blamed a completely innocent man who would now be in prison for life had he not had a cast-iron alibi thanks to a Swiss businessman coming forward after reading about the case.

    3) Neither she nor her boyfriend could agree on what they had been doing that night. She claims she spent the night smoking up with him before having sex. He couldn't remember! He, a young red-blooded Italian. He did claim that he had downloaded movies on his computer at the time, but computer records don't support this. Both had shut off their phones conveniently at the very time of the murder.

    4) And then, who was responsible for staging the break-in?


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