Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Shot - How about some cheese with that whine?

Well, Jake certainly proved himself not only a poor sport and a whiner, but a coward.  I can't believe this guy coaches football.  Some example that guy presents to his team.

Jake shot poorly in the initial challenge using the Infinity 1911, which is a cool gun.  Apparently he engaged the safety and then panicked so he finished the challenge at the bottom of the pack.  Naturally everyone pretty much voted for Jake, which upset him but what clearly upset, or scared, Jake more was that Jake figured Phil as more of a threat than Gary and he was going to have shoot against Phil.

You might wonder why I think that Jake was more worried about competing against Phil than Gary... well his vote told it all.  He voted for Gary, which he made clear early in the competition that he only wanted to compete against the shooters he thought were the weakest.

When Jake came to the realization that he was going to have to compete against a potentially threatening opponent, he chickened out like a little weenie.  Instead of shooting, the nancy left.

So in light of that, Top Shot had a rule in place that the last one eliminated got to try to win their way back into the competition.  I thought it was a fair rule and so it was Phil against Mike Hughes in a really nice rifle competition.

Phil, a rifle specialist, lost against a less experienced rifleman, Mike.  So Mike is back in the competition... this is good and YAY!!   Jakeass is gone!

Now there will be less drama and more competition in the show...  good on them.

Disclaimer:  Please pardon all grammatical and/or spelling errors and typos.....   my head feels like a balloon


  1. I still refuse to believe that Jakeass made it into the Navy Seals. No fucking way, pardon my expletive,but there is no way.
    Good riddance you unmitigated prick.
    Tomorrow I'll post on how I really feel about that jackass.

  2. I concur with kx59. Even I would get back up to shoot again instead of packing my pajamas and beating feet. Trying to intimidate opponents verbally I really don't think is a viable tactical option and one not taught at BUD/S.

  3. I never thought he would quit like that, but when I heard the explanation why that one contestant voted for Phil it all came together! Loved it!!

    I agree about the other's opinions on Jake's SEAL experience, but figured someone in the know would have called him out on it by now. It just makes me wonder if the reason he left the service was due to some bad peer reviews, or other evaluations.

  4. He has a history of quitting when the going gets tough. Read why he quit the seals here;


    Variations of this story can be found at many other sites as well. It should also be noted that an investigation was conducted and no wrongdoing was found to have occurred. Quitting doesn't seem like a quality one would like to find in a spec ops officer.

  5. Wonder if they'd ever have a "Top Shot" for "oldtimers"? Something less "physical" so's we could totter our way through. Couldn't you just imagine how it would go?

  6. I found the drama to be very interesting and showed most of the competitors to have a high degree of sportsmanship.

    Jake...well, he really showed his values, didn't he.

    I think it was good for the shooting community. Many people realize that it is a competition and some will scheme to win -- but having Jake's view rejected shows the majority of shooters are honorable.

    Good drama on the elimination challenge also. Like the fact that Mike - the one Jake was afraid of most is back. I think Phil's exit was very classy; admitted his mistakes cost the match and moved on.

  7. @YOF: Heh, that could be a subject for a complete blog post. I've got a few competitions in mind, but I'm not going there. I'm not far enough behind you in age, nor physically fit enough to start getting my snark on.


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