Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magnificent must read post from HOTR

Brigid over at HOTR made a fantastic post about self defense which is a must read.

Of course, I'm sure that my readers are all familiar with Brigid but just in case, go and read it.  Brigid talks about how to NOT be a victim.  She discusses the need for a variety of skills and the need to practice those skills in order to properly defend yourself from an attacker.

As most of my readers know, I have been on a journey towards taking responsibility for my own self defense.

I've never been one that you would consider to be an easy victim.  I've always been very aware of my surroundings, paying attention (for the most part, though sometimes I do get distracted) to people that I see and taking note of what they're doing.  The reality of it is though, should someone actually decide to try to attack me, I am ill prepared and ill equipped to handle the situation properly.

In a couple of weeks, I will be taking a private lesson with a professional handgun instructor (a female instructor) over at Teke's favorite indoor range in our area.  My goal for this two hour session is to figure out why I tend to shoot low and to correct the problem. 

Once I do that, I will be practicing at least once a week, twice if hubby doesn't have a fit over the ammo expense.  Then after that, and once hubby buys me a good holster (probably the Talon from Dragon Leatherworks), extra magazines and magazine holster for Christmas; I will start my Tactical training classes.  Once I'm good with that, it will be my CHL classes.

The reason that I've chosen to take this route to my CHL is so that I can be confident that my shooting skills are good before I'm carrying a pistol around.  I want to ensure that if, God forbid, I ever have to use my gun in self defense that  I will be able to hit my target and not put anyone else in danger in the process. (The whole know your target and what's beyond rule)

The one thing that Brigid mentions in her post that has given me something to really think about, is the value of martial arts training.  While I'm a little reluctant to do that because of my size and my age, I cannot deny that the idea is a sound one and to be honest, it would be a healthy thing to do as well.

So from the bottom of this Southern Belle's heart, thank you Brigid for that enlightening post.  My hubby was right we he coined you the first lady of gun bloggers.


  1. I’m in the beginning stages of conditioning myself to jogging – and last week made a nice, uptempo song list for my ipod. I think I’ll leave my ipod at home from now on…

  2. Thanks for linking this. I want more women (and men) to think about stuff like this. The only time I have an Ipod on while exercising is at the gym, where my eyes are on the front door.


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