Friday, October 14, 2011

Okay Texas Bloggers November 12th is the date...........

Mark your calendars!  November 12th is the day for the blogshoot.  Please let me know who all is going to go.

I have basically narrowed it down to three places and have placed a poll in the right hand side bar beneath the news gadgets.  Poll closes in two weeks.

So, I have called a few places and here is what I know about each of the three.

Lone Star Gun Range
They are close to Lockhart  and is where we had the last shoot.  Their prices were around $11 per shooter.  They were pretty relaxed as far as the rules go and very friendly up there.  Also, the upside to Lockhart is that there are some really good BBQ places in town for afterward.
Downside is that it's a little far for folks in South Houston and not to mention folks in the DFW area.

Arrowhead Shooting range
They are just north of Bryan off of Hwy 6 before you get to Hearne.  They charge $10 per shooter.  It's a 2 hour maximum unless the range isn't very crowded then they won't hold you to that.   The guy sounded nice on the phone, but at the moment he doesn't have a rifle range up and running.  Apparently he's had some sort of legal action trying to stop him from having a rifle range there.  He said that he would know something by the 27th for sure.

Gunsmoke Shooting Range
Gunsmoke is in Snook which is close to College Station.  They charge $10 per shooter per hour and it sounds like they mean by the hour!  I was told that if we were like 5-10 minutes over, no big deal.  The range on their website looks nice and they have pistol, rifle, skeet and trap.

So go and vote on one of the three....   please leave in the comments if you are attending and if you have a better suggestion on a venue, please, by all means make the suggestion.  Nothing is set in stone.


  1. Belle, thanks for lending your uber 31337 Community Organizing sk8illz to this. I'm on this lik estink on a dog ...

    I'll let everyone else pick the range. Vox populi.

  2. Belle,
    I have been to all three and my vote is the Lone Star in Lockhart based upon price and how they're set up. Yeah, it's a little far, even for me, but it's the best of the three, in my opinion.

  3. if y'all won't mind a couple beginners, I'll start looking for a dog-sitter

  4. Sounds good Mulligan... beginners are welcome. I'm a beginner myself... :)

  5. So, if I was able to make it, and brought my SVT-40, would yours be jealous?


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