Monday, October 3, 2011

Hairy Crazy Ants

Not wacko relatives, these.
Apparently they are on the move in the South. . It's already been documented that they decimate honey bees.  I hope they at least kill fire ants.  We used to have the large red and black "army" ants, as we referred to them, around here. The fire ants pretty much expunged them.  Keeping fire ants out of the yard is a never ending war.  Now we have hairy crazy ants to deal with?  From what I have read, the death of one of these crazy ants releases a chemical that draws hundreds, if not thousands to that location. The addition of a successful pesticide to a given area results in a constant inflow of crazy ants. 
Creepy, n'est-ce pas?    Like the Ant Zombie Apocalypse.

post script: Now that I think about it, watching a horde of crazy ants take on a fire ant hill might be the most epic 6 legged battle evah!    I might be willing to incite such a thing by taking a few of the crazies and dropping them on the fire ants.  Curse this thinking through the consequences thing!  My  own yard would be a patently bad location to do this. Rats.

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