Saturday, October 29, 2011

It was a fun night.

I went to go and play darts last night and I had only a couple of beers. I got home at exactly midnight, which is early on a dart night.

Last night's live entertainment was an Elvis impersonator, Vince King. He was pretty decent and puts on a good show.

I shot pretty well, but my partner and I were out after 4 rounds, which was pretty good considering the 'pro crowd', which actually used to include me, way back when, decided to show up. It was nice and I got to see some folks I haven't seen in months.

So while at the bar, I got to talking to my buddy, Jay and he asked if I wanted to go shooting today. Well of course, I said "yes" and so that was my reason for taking off early and not hanging around waiting for the mystery out. I wanted to get home and get to bed.

I walk in the door, expecting to crawl into bed with the hubby and much to my surprise, he was up! He was of course beer blogging and had made several posts.

Hubby and I stayed up for a little while after I got home. I think we went to bed about `1:30 or 2 this morning.

He knows we're going shooting, I hope he feels up to it....... heh.

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