Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series, the final game

I've no skin in this game, and frankly haven't paid attention to spectator sports, much less baseball, for some time now. My doc told me I have a missing spectator sport gene which inhibits spectator sport enjoyment.
The lovely Belle and I got into the L'Astros back when the killer B's were playing on the team. Watched the games on TV and went to Enron Field Minute Maid park to see a fair number of games live.  Since then not so much. Last night's game was pretty exciting, well for baseball anyway. Last night I was marginally rooting for the Rangers, for no other reason than they were from Texas. Then they got up on the Cards and my loyalty shifted. One of the killer B's is playing for the Cardinals now, Lance Berkman. He pretty much turned the game for St. Louis last night with one strike left, switch hitting a single to right field and driving in the tying run.  Belle and I both have always considered the Cardinals and the St. Louis fans to be a class act, unlike...cough..snort..spit..the mets, yankees or red sucks fans.
Right now, bottom of the 7th, St. Louis is up 6 to 2.  It will be interesting to see if the Rangers can pull this one out of their ass. Personally, I'm rooting for St. Louis.  I might have to change my blog handle to "Tejas Heretic". Or, maybe I just need some gene therapy.


  1. Two words to describe the Rangers in this series:

    Bill Buckner.

  2. LMAO! They did look a bit down trodden there didn't they. I just glanced up at the TV, game over. Cards Win! I wonder if they'll riot in St. Louis...nah.


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