Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the possibility of another Obama term...........

Borepatch brings some good insight as to why he won't vote for Mitt Romney for President.  Apparently he's upset some of his readers by saying that another 4 years of Obama (with a Republican congress) is preferrable then Romney.

I happen to agree with Borepatch on the matter.

I think back to the Clinton years.  Granted, I was duped into voting for Clinton the first time around; however, I had buyer's remorse pretty much immediately after he took office.  When Clinton was up for reelection, I skipped the box because I couldn't stomach Bob Dole.  What we ended up with was another 4 years of a castrated Clinton. He was ineffective as the Democrats lost both the House and the Senate.

Now, let's fast forward to Bush.  The Republicans (the establishment Republicans) had the House, the Senate AND the White House.  Granted we could not have forseen 9/11 and the cost of not just one, but two wars which drove the budget sky high, that part of the deficit I cannot blame on Republicans.  What I do blame them for is No Child Left Behind, the expansion of Medicare/Medicaid and what I blame them ALL for... the economic downward spiral that came after 9/11 and the housing bubble burst.

With Republicans in charge we ended up with the federalization of the TSA the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.  We had no choice but to sit by and watch our individuals freedoms get widdled away via the Patriot Act.  More government expansion, to supposedly keep us safe.  But who are we kidding?  I have never known government to let a tragedy go to waste and I've never known government to be able to effectively keep us safe.

When the checks and balances are in place and you have opposite parties controlling the Executive and Legislative branches, government is forced to reign itself in.  Nothing gets done, which means our wallets are more safe and our individual rights.

So yes, I think that I would prefer a castrated Obama term to a Romney term with a Republican majority.  As Borepatch likes to say, Democrats aren't the problem and Republicans aren't the answer.  Vote them out........  All of them.


  1. I'm not upset, Belle. Just people disagreeing with me are egging me on to more posting. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull.


  2. lol... sorry that was he has upset, not he was upset at..... ;-)


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