Sunday, October 9, 2011

My favorite scents........

In no particular order:

Chanel No. 5

I love the smell of baking bread, chicken and dumplings and chicken frying.

I love the smell of the sea air

I love the smell of fresh cut grass

Finally, I love the smell of the rain.

We are still here at the crik and it's raining outside.  The temperature has dropped a good 15 degrees.

We have the front door open and I can hear the rain on the roof and hear the rain hitting the water in the creek.  Thankfully, we are not in a hurry to get back home so we're just sitting here and relaxing, listening to the thunder and the rain.

Life is peaceful at this very moment.

UPDATE:  I forgot another favorite scent..........     gunpowder......  :),  WD40 is another nice scent, that and machine oil and carborator cleaner...  all of which remind me of my father.


  1. Were you and I separated at birth? All of those smells are smells near and dear to my soul.

    Chanel #5 is my mother. Sea air is the sense freedom at the beach - wide open space. Fresh grass is Verdant. And rain? Rain is very, very special.

  2. No matter where I am at the time, when the weather reports come across the tube, I watch for the reports for Texas (and Houston in particular) and worry about y'all...
    Sitting in the cold and rain yesterday morning in Berlin and seeing that you guys were really getting some nice rainfall was enjoyable...

    As for smells-
    It is amazing the nostalgia we get when a certain scent or odor hits us...
    Rain, fresh-cut grass, and (oddly enough) the smell of a burning electrical circuit all evoke memories from my sordid adolescence.
    The smell of tar being laid at a highway construction zone triggers memories of when I was 4 or 5 down in the Keys and the first time they were paving the road we lived on.

    I love the a house when there is a meal cooking...newly-turned earth makes me remember summer jobs I had as a kid.

    It's another reason I like riding my motocycle. You really get in touch with the environment.
    (Pig trucks not withstanding... )
    When driving past a BBQ restaurant or a fried chicken joint it's difficult not to stop and drop in for just a bite 'cause of the great aroma. They are the best advertisements a place like that can have, and it's a damn shame most people miss it because we've conditioned ourselves to sealing ourselves up in the car with the A/C cranking away and the music blasting away.
    When driving down to the Keys, I get a huge wave of nostalgia crossing the stretch between Homestead and Key Largo - a great mix of salt air, mangroves and Casurina pine... And I really get the sense of completion when I get to Lower Matecumbe Key where the highway is only 40 yards from the open ocean and the seaweed piles up next to the road. That smell of rotting thalassea is the olfactory soundtrack of my misspent youth.
    Fiberglass at a boatyard, a shrimpboat at a dock getting diesel fuel, the smell of AvGas and Prist, JetA fuel on a hot concrete airport apron... I want to say those scents from my teen-aged years are far more pleasurable than the canned air interior of a passenger aircraft or the smell of a newly-opened box of Cat-5 cable, but I'm sure there will come a time when those latter things too will be treasured memories.
    Good times, good times.


  3. the scent of a newly opened box of cat-5 cable..k..that's a, uh..a..unusual.
    Apparently the lovely Belle inspires you to write.
    I think we're going to have to add you as a contributor on BAR.


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