Friday, October 28, 2011

The votes are in who all is coming?.........

Okay, the votes are in and poll is closed. We had 2 votes for Lockhart and 1 vote in comments for the Bryan/College station area.

I looks like on November 12th we will be meeting up in Lockhart. Now I just need to know who is going to show up. So please leave a message in the comments to let me know if you're in.

So far, it's me, Kx59, Borepatch, YeOldFurt and hopefully his wife, HossBoss and I believe that Aretae is going to make it as well.

The gun range outside of Lockhart is in the middle of nowhere, but it's got a good set up and good prices. After the shoot, I'm sure that we will be heading into Lockhart to get some BBQ.

If I've mentioned your name above, please confirm in the comments section.

I want to at least give the range a warning about how many of us there will be..... hope to see y'all there!


  1. I'm in, but Aretae won't be able to make it.

  2. Ahhhh darn... would have been fun to meet him... oh well, am glad that you're still in!

  3. gonna try to make it, but there was an alarmingly large puddle of engine juice in the driveway beneath the truck this morning. My shooty-goodness/roadtrip fund may not survive the trip to the parts store.

  4. I MIGHT be able to make it. If work and family obligations don't take priority that is. Will let you know as the date approaches.


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