Thursday, October 6, 2011

Romney. He presents well in the debates doesn't he?

If you have any doubts about whether the man is a political leaf in the wind that will say anything that those present want to hear, watch this.

Romney for Prez!  yeaaah...not so much.

h/t IOTW


  1. My wife refers to Mitt Romney as "Slick Mitt" in dishonor of Slick Willie (Bill) Clinton. She sees Romney as being just as slick, conniving, power-hungry, untrustworthy. . . but so damned slick that he fools the majority of people.

    She'll hear something on the TV these days that she disagrees with and shout, "What a bunch of BullMitt!"

    She flies with me, she packs a pistol, loves big German dogs and understands why I can disappear for hours on end out on my boat or in the airplane.

    Gotta love a woman like that.


  2. "Slick Mitt" FTW!

    I was in Massachusetts when he was governor, and while he wasn't a bad governor, he went along to get along. RomneyCare, the "Asault Weapons" Ban, etc. (Someone on the right should challenge him on that one)

    Yeah, "slick" is right. And OBTW, what about Bain Capitol and the Wall Street bail out?

    I know that you're not a huge Perry fan, but I'll take an honest crook over a dishonest one any day.

  3. "what a bunch of Bullmitt!" I love it!


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