Friday, October 7, 2011

The Tin Foil Hat

For years, I've teased my hubby about wearing a tin foil hat to keep the aliens from melting his brain.  He has had a huge mistrust of the government and is really into some (not all) of the conspiracy theories out there.

As for myself, I haven't had 100% trust in our government over the years, but I've always taken a more optimistic approach.  "Surely our government wouldn't want to push x on us," or "surely they wouldn't do y."  Yes I've always had that little bit of optimism and faith in our government to believe that they would never really wish to harm us or take away our liberty and freedoms.  We are the greatest country in the history of man, we cannot fail.  We are the shining city on the hill (yes, I grew up during the Reagan years) and my faith in our Republic is strong.

Each and every day my optimism has been widdling away more and more towards not just pessimism , but out right worry and anger.

I find that I am more and more concerned about prepping for the time when we may be forced to forrage and live off the land.  I go over scenarios of what to do 'if'.  I worry for my own safety and the safety of my loved ones.

My country has been taken over by moonbat idealogues who somehow think that they deserve something that they did not earn.  Somehow they believe that they are owed, simply because they take up space.  They are unable to see that if you look at the history of the world, their ideaology fails every time.  They don't want to admit, see or understand that in order to impliment their utopian ideas that it will involve bloodshed and force and the loss of the individual.  Everyone will be forced to stand in lines to receive the government cheese, forced to rely on the benevolance of the elite.  The middle class will disappear and their own ideas of one class, all equal, will turn into two classes...  the ruling class who are wealthy and the impoverished surfs who depend on them.

So now, I am slowly preparing myself for when the time comes that I have to defend that in which I have worked so hard to keep and those whom I love with all my heart.  It's not an easy realization for someone who was a child of the Reagan years, who was brought up in the belief in the basic goodness of our government and our fellow man.

I probably sound as if I'm coming unhinged, but far from it.  It's more like I'm really starting to worry about what our future as a nation holds.  We are no longer one people, but we have digressed to a bunch of hyphonated people who have been calculatedly divided.  Class and racial warfare is not something that is an unlikely possiblity but rather a distinct possiblity.  When the leaders of our country declare war on corporations, war on our way of life, and who borderlines riot incitement, it becomes damned scarey.

So here I sit in my little corner of the universe, gathering up my courage and my strength to seriously prepare for what I fear is down the road.  I hope for the best, but am preparing for the worst.


  1. But not in the *tree hugger* sense. *hug* because we both need that. Nothing solved.

  2. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Add that to the fact that the moonbats suffer from severe narcissism and delusions of superiority, and we have a bad moon risin'.

    I have to get serious myself. I've got some stuff laid by, but not nearly enough. My thinking is that if we come out of this OK, then it's there in case of a repeat of the winter of '09-'10.

  3. If the zombies hit Texas, you can feel free to visit up north!

  4. I think the moonbats are camped out downtown.

    I received an email from the neighbor. Their electric bill told them that we are getting the smart meters. It got me a little worked up.

  5. Great... smart meters... that is a little worrisome.

    I see a large generator powered by natural gas in my future.


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