Monday, October 10, 2011

Belle's muse is sick

Not me. I'm certainly not her muse. That's not to say I don't amuse her, but that's a whole nuther blog post.
She doesn't even have it in her to  make a whambulence post.   She's a sick baby. I've been reading blog posts from our favorite sites to her this evening.
She'll be ok. Went to the doc today and got some really dreamy "cough" syrup.
Even though I'll pay for this...send her some commenty love.


  1. I hope she feels better! Perhaps sending y'all the application packet I'm sending Top Shot will provide a much needed laugh, yes?

  2. Belle,
    Sorry to hear you're ill. Do you have a Midways catalog yet? I find browsing through it keeps my mind off any illness I might have.
    Get well soon. (Then it'll be kx's turn)

  3. Oh, Belle, you have my sympathy. I started with a scratchy throat and an annoying dry cough around the first of September. FIVE WEEKS LATER, I finally went to the doc and got some of that dreamy cough syrup ...along with a needle full of antibiotics and steroids, a Zpack and some not-so-dreamy cough 'pearls' that wouldn't make me too drowsy to drive or work my desk job. A week after all that, I'm still hacking but not as much. Maybe since you went to the doc a little sooner, yours won't hang on so long. I hope that's the case. Take care of yourself, you have to be well for the blogshoot in November!

  4. Get well soon, Belle, so you'll have some dreamy cough syrup to share with your Husband.


  5. Feel better, Belle!

    *hug from inside Level 4 isolation rubber suit*

  6. I hope you get better.

    If your muse is stuck, perhaps some Muse Lube would help...


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