Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oops I stepped on my pecker!

Said Rick Perry after arguing with Romney about illegal immigration..........

good grief!


  1. 1. Not a fan, but,
    2. Everyone misspeaks, and,
    3. Regardless, bet he knows how many States there are!

  2. Well put Guf! Perry is well known poison to us.
    H/T to Borepatch for the phrase.

  3. You guys just crack me up.

    Although I can't recall ever saying on my blog that I'd stepped on my pecker. I kind of think I'd recall that.


  4. FYI, you are the #1 hit on Google (out of 5 Million) for "Rick Perry stepped on my pecker"


    Well done.

  5. Why thank you.... unfortunately for my hubby that was me that actually posted that..... potty mouth that I am... guess I've been hanging out in bars too long.


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