Saturday, October 8, 2011

How about another Blogshoot???

Borepatch and I have been trading email today and are thinking that Saturday November 12th would be a good time to have another Blogshoot.

Lockhart was nice, though I would need to check on whether or not they are still there with all the fires over the summer in the area.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions on another venue?

I've found one link to American Shooting Center in Houston, anyone ever been there?

There is a place in Snook, Texas (close to College Station) but they charge by the hour on the rifle and pistol range.

What do you all think?


  1. American Shooting Center is nice. I've been there for skeet. Have a nice sporting clay course. The rife range looked pretty nice think they may even have a 1000 yard range. Pistol range looked decent too.

  2. I've gone to the Gunsmoke Range outside of Snook quite a bit, but there is also the Arrowhead Range just out of Hearne/College Station.

    Try this for range listings:

    I think the prices are a little better at Arrowhead. Idea sounds like a good one to me. I could make some "civilized" loads for Bob.

  3. That would be great, YOF! Be sure to bring HossBoss this time, would love to meet her!

    I can't seem to find a webpage for Arrowhead so I will give them a call this week and check on their prices and stuff.

  4. Just had a thought about College Station - maybe some of the Dallas area gunbloggers might come. There are a bunch there.

  5. Just a heads-up. I may be in town that weekend... (Or more accurately may be able to adjust a schedule so that I can be). Would you accept a passing once-Texan with no guns in his car?

    I still say the small towns near Austin have FAR better BBQ than anywhere else in the state...and I'm awful fond of both Lockhart and Luling's food.

  6. Of course you would be more than welcome there, Aretae! Would be great to meet you. I'm picking the College Station area so that it's not so far from folks in South Houston (Alan and Tomscathanger in particular).

    I'm sure that there's some good grub somewhere in the BCS area........ ;-)

  7. Hmm. Maybe if we could recover financially, you could get a pair of central OK bloggers that might just be interested. We know the owner of Lone Star in Austin. Haven't seen the facility, but that might be an option.
    *linked here from Borepatch

  8. One note on the date: November 12th is LaRue's Range Day.

    Maybe Liberty Hill, TX as venue?


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