Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Lesson Paid Off

Went to the range today and shot my pistol for the first time since my Tuesday evening lesson.  I still shot low and low left from time to time, but I now that I know why I do that, I can correct myself in pretty short order....  I'm very much pleased with the way I shot today.

My target is in the middle, number 18.  My buddy, Jay's target is number 19.  His Ruger SR9c is really sweet, though the trigger is tight and has very little play in it.  When I fired it, it did catch me by surprise...   it's a nice gun though, smooth action, feels nice in my hands and I shot it well.  It's a little smaller than my XDM, which my buddy said, "I'm surprised that gun's not too big for you."

I just looked at him and laughed a little.

So here's the target photo.....  I'm sooo proud!  Keep in mind that the backboard to the target is also white, I never missed the paper!  Also, keep in mind that you can see light through the back of the target as I took the picture at the range while it was still hanging and didn't wait for a target change so that I could bring the target home.  If you click it to make it big, you can tell the bullet holes from what's light coming through.

I'm really pleased, especially with all the holes in the middle!

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