Thursday, October 13, 2011

Even better.......

I'm feeling much better today which would not be the case had my wonderful, show pity on poor wifey, hubby had not played darts in my stead last night.

Yes, he subbed for me and apparently did really well.  This was good as it allowed me to get even more rest last night.

Also, there's a gun show at the George R. Brown in Houston this weekend that I'm going to try and drag him to, his birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I asked him if he would like an AR15 for his birthday.  He said, "Hey!"  Which translates to, "yeah you want to buy me something that YOU want for MY birthday."

Funny thing about that... my dad was the master of getting what he really wanted via Mother's Day or Mom's Birthday.  Yes, it's horrible but he made up for it in various other ways.

One year, he got her a meat slicer for mother's day (um.. gee thanks, dear) and another year he got her a radial arm saw, which actually worked out to her advantage since dad was a carpenter and mom worked with him on the job sawing lumber.  then one year he bought her a beautiful diamond ring.

Someone once said that you should never give a woman a present that has a power cord.  In a lot of cases that's true, but I can say that when it comes to that, hubby hit the jackpot.....   one year I asked for a leaf blower for my birthday....  another year it was a gas weed eater.  This year is was a pistol and I already have my christmas list ready:

Extra magazines
Magazine holster
lots of ammo
New range bag

Update:  The hubby informed me in comments that I forgot something........

Spotting Scope

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