Tuesday, October 11, 2011

yoiks what a creepy thought

so I'm watching the republican debate and I see three that are handling the debate pretty well; Romney, Gingrich and Cain.
And I'm wondering how  president zero will stand up against any one of these three guys in a non-telepromptered unscripted debate. There's just no way.
So, for one, I'm wondering if there will be a presidential debate after the republican candidate is chosen for us.
The creepy thought was that if the debate is scheduled will a convenient crisis be created requiring the cancellation of president zero's participation by his handlers to protect the tatters that remain of his image?


  1. You mean like an Iranian assassination plot just as Fast and Furious subpoenas go out?

  2. OK, that was funny and eerie at the same time, considering what I just posted about - the "magic word" was opectie.


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