Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top Shot Green Team

 Well they all got their green shirts this evening so now it's every man for himself.

The first challenge was great.  They shot a 50 calibur McMillan (spelling might be off) and it's an impressive weapon which kicks like a mule.  I haven't seen anything kick that hard since Borepatch shot the Sharps at the Lockhart blogshoot.

So, the top four were impressive, they had to shoot at a moving target and the people with the fewest shots in the least amount of time to hit the target were in the top four and immune from elimination. 

The highlight of the evening was the self taught, Justin give the Jakeass (alleged Navy Seal) a royal ass kicking.  Jake made it in one shot in 9.02 seconds........     Justin came in at one shot in 8.22 seconds...  that's 8/10's of a second ahead.  In a timed event 8/10 is HUGE (I know this because I volunteer as a referee in summer swim league and when  a swimmer beats another swimmer by that much, the length that they are behind is significant).

So, much to Jakeass's dismay, he was beat out by a self taught Texas boy and the look on Jakeass' face when he realized that he didn't get first.........    classic ......  yay for Justin!

The elimination round found Gary and Mike competing with a Walter P38.  Naturally Jake was voting for Mike because Mike intimidates the little pissant the most.  Gary and Mike did well, but Mike went into a sort of weird panic and ended up finding his way home.  

I like Gary okay, but I was sort of cheering for Mike, since he's the one that annoys Jakeass the most.


  1. Hey, those were LIGHT loads in the Sharps. Nothing like the Mac which pushes a heavier bullet twice as fast.

  2. yep, rooting for Justin as well. He seems to watch all the dick swinging with amusement. He just shoots.

  3. @YOF: light loads, well I guess for a .50.
    I wussed out because I saw BP's neck flex from the recoil. heh, after three neck injuries I wasn't going there. Next time I'm bringing a stretcher and a neck brace, and I'm shooting that freaking cannon.

  4. I was pleased for Dustin, but Mike was my dark horse pick to win the competition so I'm out of it.

    But what REALLY drew my attention was the preview of next week. Could I dare to dream that Jakeass ( Ha! ) loses it and removes himself from the competition? I'll be pleased if he does, because the drama llama will be over and we'll get to see some good competition instead of a mentally unhinged whackadoodle.

  5. I agree with Maura. When I saw the preview of next week with Mr Teeth strolling into the house, I knew something was up with Jerk, er Jake.

    I had actually hoped that because Mike was already eliminated that he would slug Jake in the kisser as he left.

    Once Jake is gone, season 3 starts.

  6. Clearly, I'm tougher than a Navy SEAL. I have proof. Here.

    Thank you, Belle. ;-)


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