Friday, October 28, 2011


Anarchy seems to be the ultimate goal of the OWS protests. VerumSerum has a thought provoking article posted regarding the potential originating source of the protests. No, it's not Ellen Warren, who recently had her own Algore "I invented the internet" moment with respect to OWS.
VerumSerum posits that the short term OWS goal is experimentation with alternate forms of "democracy". The long term goal being the destruction of Capitalism and the State.  And, I assume, ultimately Anarchy.
I cannot get the image of the Underpants Gnomes from the TV Cartoon South Park out of my head whenever I contemplate the OWS'ers on any level. The Gnomes three step plan for success was; 1. Steal all the underpants. 2. ???? and 3. Profit!  In the case of the folks participating in OWS, question marks belong in the final phase of their glorious plan.  They should be very careful for what they wish.  In a microcosm, they are experiencing results already. The "Vunables",  as the CongressWOMAN! Shiela Jackson Lea refers to them, have already descended upon their encampments like locusts.  And, gee, the OWS'ers don't like having to provide for the freeloaders. Ain't that a bitch?
In all the high minded, ivory tower ruminations about a Utopian "democracy" there seems to be a complete denial or lack of understanding of human nature. More to the point, a denial of a permanent criminal element in the human species.  No amount of "counseling" will root this element out of the population. A drum circle is a poor defense against armed bands of Goblins. Anarchy. Careful what you wish for...

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  1. "a denial of a permanent criminal element in the human species" - and there I think is one of our primary problems. A denial of the existence of evil. So, of course, evil gets a foothold and free hand. And down the line these folks are blinking stupidly and whining, refusing to acknowledge that their own actions have created the environment that rears up and bites them in the a$$.


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