Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cain Commenting on Perry

Recently a non-story broke about Perry and a rock with the 'n' word painted on it that was on a deer lease owned by Perry's father, back in the 1980's (when Perry was a Democrat by the way).

Cain made some comments on the subject, basically chastising Perry regarding this rock calling Perry insensitive.

The thing is, many folks are disappointed in Cain for commenting; however, I am reserving a firm opinion on it until I'm for certain that the media didn't take what Cain said out of context via some fancy editing practices that we all know they tend to use.

So far, Herman Cain is still the best choice for the job regardless of whether or not he allowed himself to be used as a puppet for the media.  You have to remember that Cain is not a poitician and so it's quite possible that he made a rookie mistake which does happen.

I still think that Herman Cain is our best hope to get Obummer out of the whitehouse and to lead us down the road to fiscal responsiblity.


  1. That's a problem with any "news", no matter where it's coming from or what the subject is - you never know whether the report a)has a real clue as to what they are reporting on or b)is actually reporting truthfully and not doing a cut and paste to make things sound the way they want.

  2. So I did post on this earlier. I wold like to hope that you are right. That it was something out of context or twisted.

    I also commented in my post about the fact that what I am hearing about Cain is the same stuff I heard about Ray Nagin when he was elected in N.O. I can't decide if I feel like he is who he says he is. I hope he is and if so he would do an awesome job.

  3. I've heard the same thing Teke on talk radio; however, the local talk shows are all about Perry so I think that they are way biased.

  4. Well for where you are at I would expect that the local people are all about Perry.

  5. Perry has lots of supporters here to be sure, but he's been shooting fish in a barrel in Texas for the past 12 years. Kay Bailey, Kinky Freedman, and former Houston Mayor monkey boy Bob White were pretty weak opponents.


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