Monday, October 3, 2011

I, Caveman

I, Caveman is the name of this show that the hubby and I caught on Discovery Channel last night.

It was pretty interesting.  The premise was an experiment to see if modern day humans could live as cavemen lived.  Out in the wild, foraging for food and water with no modern weapons or tools. 

Two of the 'tribe' didn't make it.  They gave up and went home.  The rest of them stuck it out, though they were beginning to starve.

So a few weeks into the experiment, they were allowed to 'evolve' and were given a primative weapon.  It was a spear or what they called a dart, and a small throwing mechanism which was used to catapult it in a way as to create more velosity.

Finally, they managed to take down an elk which was not an easy task as they had to sneak up on it so that they could get close enough to get a shot.

Now, it was at this time the the hubby and I were saying, "Seriously?"

These folks began to cry and boo-hoo, not because they were happy that they actually got food, but because they took the life of the animal to sustain themselves.

Now, in this whole tribe there were a couple of vegitarians (one of which had gone home) but those of the hunting party were not.  So I had to wonder, "where the heck do they think the meat in the grocery store comes from?  I mean, the cows don't just offer up a leg or rump so we can have a roast and the cows aren't dying of old age, either!"

Granted, I could understand being brought to tears because you are starving and you finally are able to make a kill, actually make a large enough kill to sustain the whole tribe for several weeks.  I can see how the accomplishment could bring such emotion, especially when your body is malnourished; but to literally cry because you had to kill something to live?

What planet do these people live on?


  1. That strange planet known as California, most likely.

  2. I had the same reaction. But what most caught my eye about that sequence was that they were butchering the elk, and other elk were milling around in the background. Huh!!?? As soon as they walked into that field, truly wild elk would have DISAPPEARED! So I think they were given an elk farm to hunt on and the elk were relatively tame and stupid enough to stand and be killed. It was pretty weak.


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