Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Airborne Angels

Several days ago An Ordinary American posted an article on The Airborne Angels.

Simply put, these women are amazing and what they do for our men and women who are serving overseas is simply wonderful.

I encourage you to please go to AOM's web page and read his article about these caring women, who work so hard to give our men and woman a little piece of home.

AOM has The Airborne Angels' website linked in his article and I encourage you to please go and read that as well.

I know that times are tough but if you can spare a little something, on the Angels' website there is a donation button, please give what you can.


  1. Muchas gracias, Belle.

    As I wrote, Nancy is an amazing and remarkable women. She already has a full-time job and even more grueling is the travel it involves.

    Yet, she works equally as hard for our troops overseas.

    These are special people. And I can tell you that care packages from home were always special. But when you got one from someone you didn't even know, it was beyond golden.

    It gave you Faith in what you were doing.

    Can we really put a price on that?



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