Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wiener Pulls Out to a Round of Applause

On the way into town for a job interview, I was listening to the radio.  Rep. Wiener announced his resignation.

Now for the funny part.  He went on about values and patriotism, etc. etc. but when he announced his resignation applause and cheers broke out.  As he kept on talking you could in the background, "Hey is it more than 7 inches?" and other such lewd comments.

Of course, these are New Yorkers we're talking about and they do lewd like none other.  I had to laugh but in a weird way, I almost felt sorry for the guy.


  1. I loved the video of him. The jabs were yelled out, and you could see it on his face that he clearly heard them.

  2. I know, it was classic. Like I said, I almost felt sorry for him.

    One of the first comments was something like, "Bye Pervert!"

  3. Had he, at that very moment, looked up, waved and yelled "Bye!" I would have wet myself laughing.

  4. No kidding! I think that if I were him, I would said to the guy that asked about him being more than 7 inches, I would have said, "are you little man?"


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