Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pass the Water Please

It's going to be a scorcher today. The weatherman is saying 101 and naturally, I will be pool side again, hopefully not making too many children cry.

This is my last meet of the year because I am not going to divisionals this year, as I opted for a blog shoot instead. They always have more than enough officials at divisionals and since I don't have a kid swimming any more, my presence is optional.

I think that after next season, I may hang up my whistle and call it a job well done. I need to get another ref trained first and I think that there is one parent that is going to step up to the plate and take the job. 11 years is long enough.

So today I will go to the pool and spend my time in the muggy, hot air and try to take frequent breaks so that I don't end up with heat stroke. Who knows, maybe the other team will have 2 refs and I can only be on deck for 1//3 of the meet.

Oh well, I hope that everyone out there has a wonderful day!


  1. So, can you ref the meet from inside the pool?
    Have a great Saturday...

  2. 11 years? You've definitely put in your time! Stay hydrated and have a good time today.

  3. Thanks Maura. It was a great meet, am glad that it was the last of the season though.

    TBG, I wish I could ref from inside the pool, it would sure be a lot more comfortable.


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