Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HEB gets on the wrong side of an "issue"

I've had the Sanctuary City issue on my mind recently as well.
I do not have all of the details as of yet but from what I know so far the CEO of HEB Charels Butts, put out a press release today opposing the legislation in Austin that would put an end to sanctuary cities in TX.
For those outside the state, HEB is a grocery chain that started in Kerville, Texas in 1919. As a kid, the only places I came into contact with an HEB were in smallish towns like Schulenburg and Weimer. The HEB chain has grown quite a bit over the last 92 years. HEB has made major inroads into the Houston area in the past few years, launching upscale flagship grocery stores, one of which resides in rock throwing distance from God's Caliber and Bells A Ringing.
If HEB gets too vocal about this, I'm in agreement with Teke. This is not going to go well for them.
The reason I think HEB has stepped on their own "unit" is this.
JW investigators recently obtained documents from the Houston Police Department detailing a shocking sex trafficking operation run by illegal aliens, including a former prostitute, Maria Rojas, who had previously been deported. Importantly, the evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch shows the criminal activity continued unfettered for almost a decade right under the noses of Houston police officers who were hamstrung by the Houston Police Department’s sanctuary policy.
I found this at BigGovernment.com. The Houston media, Television, Radio, Noosepaper...crickets chirping.
There's more that will get your acid reflux going. Go, RTWT.
Great marketing strategy HEB! Hitching your wagon to a bunch of scumbag illegals.
Makes no difference to me anyway, I hate their stores. Most disorganized layout for mission shopping I've ever seen. Now, because of this, I hope the local store eats it and closes down.
g'head, ask me how I really feel.


  1. How do you re... oh. Rhetorical.

  2. HEB is the "Red Lion" of Texas groceries stores.


  3. I never liked shopping at HEB, especially the 'Pantry' stores. I can't stand a store that simply opens boxes and leaves the items in the opened box on the shelf. It's unsanitary, not to mention ugly looking.

    The HEB by our hour doesn't do that, however, their store, with the concrete floors looks like a warehouse and the way it's set up it looks like a clusterfuck.

    Kroger stores always look dirty to me (and I used to work for Kroger and it used to not be that way) these days so I always shop at Randalls.


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