Thursday, June 23, 2011

He was a Baaad, Baaaad Man

Actually, bad is an understatement. Whitey Bulger. I read a book about him and his brother when I was traveling to Boston on a regular basis a few years back. If only I'd known at the time that Borepatch was up there, we'd have met before this coming Saturday. As usual, I digress. According to the book I read, Whitey, pretty much single handedly took out the Italian Mafia in Boston, his competition. Locals told me that there were rumors of pedophilia as well, although there was no mention of that in the account I read.
This rises to the top of the cesspool because they just caught the bastid out in California. The FBI has been hunting for this guy for at least 16 years.
Whitey had it all goin on, extortion, drugs, name it he was a one man irish mafia. He was an "informant" for the FBI, by which means he ratted out his italian competition. In the process, he turned the FBI agent that was his "handler". Said handler went to prison, Whitey shuffled off into the sunset.
But now, the sun has set on Whitey...finally after all these years.


  1. Better late than never, eh?

    But Whitey is what you see when you peel a layer or two off the Media's elevation of the eastern Philosopher Kings. Like the Kennedys, there's much more here - and much less savory - than is reported in the hagiographies.

    But these people are, of course, smarter and nicer than you or I.

  2. Whitey's brother perhaps, being the president of the state legislature and all. Whitey? not so much. He is a psychopath. Unless the local's stories are true and details about transgressions in California turn up, this news story is done and done.


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