Friday, June 24, 2011

I shouldn't have touched it

I was in the store that Teke refers to as the one named after a water bird and a giant hill, looking for 20 gauge rifled slugs.  The guy there was very helpful and I found what I wanted.

So then I looked for my 7.62x54R ammo, which they had; however, the ammo was military surplus ammo and in a giant sardine can-thing which came complete with a primitive looking can opener.  It was only $125 for 500 or so rounds which wasn't bad.

They had a can open and I looked at a few of the rounds they had showing and I was less than impressed.  Some of it didn't look so good.  I passed on the canned ammo and went to my local shooting spot and bought the ammo from them.

While at the bird hill store, drawn like a moth to a flame, went to the gun counter and in the case was a beautiful Sig 1911, stainless finish with wood grips.  Drool.

My eyes were looking at the Sig, longingly and then the guy at the counter asked me, "Would you like me to take one of these out for you?"

Of course, you know I had to say yes.  So he took it out of the display case, unlocked the trigger guard and handed it over to me.  The way that it fit in my hand was poetic.  The wood grips feel so nice and it's small enough in my hands that firing it would be easy. 

I knew that if I fired that weapon that I would be able to maintain control very easily.  I do believe that this up coming April 15th, I am going to go and buy one.  I am still sold on the XDM and after tomorrow's blogshoot, I will know if I want the 9mm or the 40 caliber.  I was pricing ammo for the 40, thinking that it would be a lot more expensive than the 9mm but it's not that bad.  Walmart sells 100 rounds for 40 bucks. Not too bad.

My mind keeps going back to that 1911 though.....   I shouldn't have touched it.


  1. I know that feeling all to well. Usually I'm ok if I just look, but if I actually get the dang thing in my hand I'm done for.

    Not too far from you, down in Brenham, there's an outfit called Ammunition to Go. I've internet-ordered ammo from them often. Don't know if they offer on-site pickup but if you're looking to buy bulk ammo it might be worth the drive. .40 cal is running around 15.50 a box (of 50) if you buy 500 rounds at a time.

  2. Thanks! I will look into it. I take a drive to Chapel Hill every now and then to go to the sausage company and meat market up there. I'm finding that I'm getting very good quality meat at good prices. Brenham isn't that far from Chapel Hill so I'll look into to it and see if they have on site pick up.

  3. I'm not a Gunnie per se - but if the feeling you have can be equated to that sinking "Damn, I really shouldn't have tried on these shoes...I want them now..." then I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  4. Oh I get that totally, I love shoes.

  5. I had the same experience. That is why my carry piece is a 1911. I was going for the XD9-sc to complement my XD9. I handled the Kimber Ultra and that was it. Although if I had to do it again I would go with a different brand. (STI, Springfield Armory, Smith and Wesson e-series, Maybe the Ruger SR1911 if on a budget). Not too sure on Sig's quality in the 1911. The word has been that their quailty is going down in general. Also the sig has non-standard slide (flatter on top) and an external extractor.

  6. As for Ammo To Go I have ordered from them in the past. Good service good prices. I didn't find out they were that close until the box arrived. Was a little annoyed at myself for spending the shipping.

  7. Once you touch one that feels right you will take it home! You could do worse than a M1911 as well! Of course I am partial to them but I still understand the fact that sometimes a gun will get stuck to your hand at the store.


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