Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Wondering

If you have any recollection of how you found your way to the many blogs you read on a daily basis.
The thing that brought this to mind is that The Adaptive Curmudgeon has a link to The Gormogons. Two of my favorite blogs.
I know I found The AC's blog quite some time after The Gormogons. What I can't recall is whether I found the Gormogons from a link on Borepatch's blog or vice versa. Once I started reading blogs, a tsunami domino effect took hold and I had a favorites list of at least 30 blogs. The only analogy I have, and only those that remember a thing called a movie projector from their public school days will recall, is the Bell Labs film in which they showed how an atomic chain reaction works with ping pong balls and mousetraps. Ok, I'm sure it's on youtube, but I saw it on the original celluloid.
You'll have to excuse me, I have a post I need to finish reading over at AC's site.


  1. I pretty much do the same thing. I started looking at maybe two blogs, and then four. Then I noticed 'blog rolls' on the side bars, and started clicking those links. And-so-on.
    I think last count for me was 114 blogs. I try to at least stop by 1x daily, if only for a second to see if something is of interest.
    Of course, I have 'regulars', like my blogmoms: Breda, Laurel, Tam, and Brigid.

  2. I stumbled upon Kim Du Toit's blog years ago. I think I was searching for "Dallas gun ranges" or some such. I was hooked immediately. Checking out blogs of commenters that I enjoyed and surfing his sidebar opened up the world of gun bloggers to me.

  3. For several months before I had a blog of my own, I was reading Yeoldfurt's blog. Then I started reading his blog roll, and eventually their blog rolls ...layers upon layers. I found a few because they left a comment on one of my posts and I checked out their blogs and liked what I found. I found a very few, maybe one or two, by random category searches. But most on my sidebar are there because I found them through someone else I was reading.

  4. Perhaps I found you two through BP? Huh, now I don't remember. Glad I did, though.

  5. HB, I just checked out your blog and rolled you here. Yeoldfurt told me about your blog and who you are on Saturday at the shoot. Thanks for reading! :)

  6. Thanks, Belle. I had a wedding to attend last Saturday and 'date' with my granddaughter or I would have joined you all at the shoot. YOF had a GREAT TIME. He's still smiling.

    : )


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