Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Probably the Greatest Error Ever Made by Mankind

was making journalism a paid profession. Starry eyed journalism majors graduate college, craniums brimming with liberal mush, believing they are still the 4th ( or is it the 5th..6th column..oh the wheel came off) only to become whores for the advertising department.
I was over at The Daily Bayonet , one of my favorite sites, getting my daily dose of liberal skewering snark , where I read this.
That post is an afterthought, a passing comment. But, it encapsulated how pathetic the lamestream media has become. Whoring anything that could possibly bleed, so it will lead. Because after all, they must have readership to boost advertising they can get a paycheck. Best of luck with that.
Online news sources and blogs are kicking their butts, and yet the dinosaurs roar their defiance.
Citizen journalists and editorial bloggers, in their spare time no less, are reshaping the national narrative.
The internet is correcting mankind's greatest mistake. Keep a close eye on the the Federal Government. They are doing everything they can to gain control over this modern day printing press.


  1. My wife was a reporter for NBC, then CBS back in the 80's and 90's. She got smart and bolted for the greener and financially lusher pastures of public relations.

    Nowadays, she kind of misses it but only so far as Fox (national) goes. It was getting harder for her towards the end as the suits wanted to edit her stores for the "proper message conclusion" and she would always dig her heels in.

    Today's media is exactly what you're seeing right at this exact moment--the non-traditional media of bloggers, talk-radio, internet hosted shows, etc.

    Of all the "biggies" in the media world, only Fox is making money and growing an audience--and that scares the living hell out of the liberals.

    Why else would they whine so about the "fairness doctrine?"

    What a screwed up place we've become.



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