Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been thinking........

Thinking, wow there's a novel idea.  Seriously though, my car is in the shop on a recall item.

I bought the car last year and it's a 2007 and it's in the shop on a recall issue.  Also, recently my daughter, who also bought a used car was in the shop on a recall item for her car.

So here's my issue.  Why is it that a dealership who is selling their own brand (in both cases, these cars were brought from a Chevy dealer and both cars are Chevys) of used car that they aren't fixing recalled items on preowned vehicles before they are sold again?

In my daughter's case, it was a fuel leak in the fuel pump issue.  A fire waiting to happen.

I'm not real big on the nanny state regulating business, however, in this particular case, I'm wondering why it's not a law that when a manufacturer puts out a product that is faulty and has a recall on it, and when that product walks back through a dealer's door that they aren't required, by law, to make it right before reselling it?

I think that this would not be a bad law.  When you buy a product, especially one that is so important to your livelihood, I think that there's a reasonable expectation that the product you buy will be safe to drive.


  1. Just wait for a big lawsuit.

    It is like the umpteen intersections that need a red light, but will not get one until there is a corpse and monetary damages.

  2. Government Motors. Can't the gooberment regulate it's own products. Fast and Furious (Gunwalker) case in point. Way to many other cases to list.

  3. Well, it works until it doesn't work anymore, and then it's broke. Stuff wears out. Defective stuff wears out really quickly. That car has 60K plus miles on it - worked pretty good right up until the point it didn't.


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