Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No longer unemployed...........

Well, I went on the interview and within an hour and a half, I got the call that they want to hire me.

I'll find out the particulars regarding salary (which will at least be the minimum that I am willing to take) and whether or not it's a temp to hire or direct hire (went through an employment agency).

I will start work July 5th. I am way excited because it's a great opportunity and the commute is not bad at all.


  1. Good for you! I heard the other day that Texas was at or nearing pre-recession employment levels in many areas. Every happy employment search ending moves us a little bit closer.

  2. Thanks everyone. I'm just so darn excited about it.

  3. What pistol are you going to buy?

  4. Not sure which one I am going to get at this point. I'm still leaning toward the Springfield XDM but at Saturday's blogshoot, I will rent a 40 caliber rather than a .9mm and see how I like that.

  5. Congrats Belle-
    Damned few of us left.

    (*Folks Who Are Paying For The Entitlement Crowd To Sit On Their Asses And Vote For Democrats Who Spend Other People's Money Poorly.)

  6. LOL@ TBG that was funny!

    Yes, I'm pretty sold on the XDM. Will have to learn to field strip it and put it back together but all in due time.

  7. oh jeez, thanks Big Guy for decoding that for me.
    I'm getting up to speed on the interweb acronyms, but my brain seized up on that one.

  8. Oh, Springfield XDM. The "M" stands for "Marketing", LOL! Get the XD without the barrel brush, the magazine holster, the spare mag, the marginal not really a SERPA holster, and whatever other fluff they throw in the case now!

    The gun is good to go though!


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